PicasoTM Ink

Secap's PicasoTM ink is the solution for printing on aqueous and over coated material. Based on superior HP inkjet technology, Secap's Picaso ink is designed specifically for HP cartridge based systems for printing on a wide variety of substrates, including aqueous and over coated stock, labels and specialty media.

Versatile Black Ink

HP Versatile Black ink provides crisp, high-resolution printing and excellent black print quality over a range of coated and uncoated papers. It is fast drying, and will dry in less than one second on porous material. HP Versatile Black ink is light-fast and water-fast and there is no transfer, even at high speeds. For best results on coated media, a heater should be used.

Spot Color Inks

The perfect way to make your mailings stand out! Add red, blue, green or yellow text to your messaging to grab your customer's attention. HP Spot Color Ink Cartridges generate instant attention to your text and special messages. Use on coated or uncoated media, including envelopes, flyers, mailers and promotional material, to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.. Dramatically improve the effectiveness of your next mailing with genuine high resolution color cartridges from HP. Spot colors available in red, blue, green, and yellow!

Industrial Cartridges

Designed for high volume users, The C6119A bulk ink delivery system produces superior print quality with minimal intervention and cost. Key benefits of the HP C6110A cartridges:

• Provides high quality output on porous media
• Low cost-per-print helps reduce production overhead
• Large ink supply and easy replacement reduces downtime so print volume is increased
• The bulk system provides about nine times more ink volume (370 ccs) than the usual 40 ccs print cartridge
• Water-resistant ink prevents bleeding and streaking
The HP Bulk Black Ink Supply brings convenience and high-quality printing to industrial markets that need a bulk ink delivery system. This product is a must for high volume, industrial applications!

High Volume Ink Cartridges

Advanced HP cartridge technology designed for high volume users offers the operator extended print runs without interruption. For use in the Secap Ink Management System (SIMS), the combined solution delivers substantial lower per piece consumable cost than individual cartridges. Convenient snap-in ink cartridge convenience contains over eight times as much ink when compared to standard 45A cartridges. Available in Versatile Black or PicasoTM ink.