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Parcel Lockers

Companies want to upgrade their office spaces into modern, brighter environments to compete in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Arkansas Mailing Services proudly presents ParcelPoint™ Smart Lockers, a secure storage solution perfectly tailored for contemporary work environments. These adaptable parcel lockers in Arkansas provide more than secure storage – they can be a versatile solution for your school or organization.

The Workplace Day Use feature integrates ParcelPoint Smart Lockers with our package and asset delivery services. This feature optimizes compartment space and enhances the value of your smart locker investment. User-friendly software add-ons make all this possible within the same locker bank or by adding extra columns for additional space.


Benefits for Your Organization

There are many benefits that your organization will gain by integrating ParcelPoint Smart Lockers into your operations:

  • Enhance the Workplace Environment: Implementing ParcelPoint Smart Lockers in your organization allows you to establish a flexible and secure work environment. This environment fosters a productive and satisfied workforce.
  • Safety and Security: With these smart lockers, you can reduce the risk of lost or stolen personal belongings among your employees, promoting a sense of security.
  • Simplified Operations: Eliminate the common hassles associated with traditional storage solutions. Lost keys, forgotten combinations, and cumbersome manual processes are things of the past. These parcel lockers will streamline your day-to-day operations.
  • Customized Workflows: ParcelPoint Smart Lockers allow you to tailor workflows to your needs. 

Benefits for Your Employees

For employees, utilizing ParcelPoint Smart Lockers also presents many benefits that contribute to a positive and efficient workplace experience.

  • Seamless Reservation and Access: ParcelPoint Smart Lockers offer the convenience of quickly reserving and accessing lockers through a secure PIN or barcode for a simplified and enhanced experience.
  • Versatile Storage: These lockers accommodate many personal items, from laptops and small bags to travel suitcases. The various compartment sizes offer flexibility and convenience.
  • Effortless Access: The built-in audio and visual assistive keypad makes accessing locker compartments effortless. 

Peace of Mind: Most importantly, secure storage of their personal belongings while employees work gives them peace of mind. This fosters a sense of trust and comfort within your organization.

Parcel Lockers for Students and Universities

The modern university campus is a bustling, dynamic environment. As student enrollment and the need for secure storage increase, parcel lockers become essential, not just convenient. Universities and students alike can significantly benefit from our ParcelPoint Smart Lockers. Parcel lockers can:

  • Streamline the distribution of mail and parcels, reducing administrative burdens and costs for universities.
  • Provide a centralized, secure location to deliver textbooks, library books, or other learning materials.
  • Secure storage of examinations or assignments to maintain student privacy and reduce the risk of loss or damage.
  • 24/7 pick-up for students to give students access to their parcels at a time that suits their schedules.
  • Secure storage of personal items, like laptops and tablets, during the day.

Get Started With Our Innovative Parcel Lockers

Arkansas Mailing Services stands out as a leader in providing secure and innovative parcel lockers in Arkansas. With our ParcelPoint Smart Lockers, we foster a working environment that is safe, flexible, efficient, and productive. 

Our commitment to customizable workflows and exceptional customer service ensures that your organization and employees benefit from our smart locker systems. Contact us to experience the transformation our parcel lockers can bring to your workplace.



Great company. We have used them multiple times for mail based advertising and bulk mailers to existing clients (Christmas cards, etc.) Staff is pleasant to deal with and very professional.

Rob C

I desperately needed AMS to fix our folding machines. They're commercial equipment, big, hard to find parts. Joe came in and fixed both machines and ordered parts for the third. We're back up and running and all of the stress is off. We occasionally get heavy paper that doesn't feed well into the machines but despite that, Joe tuned the machines to operate normally with this impossible batch. I'm grateful for their expertise.

Joel M.