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The insurance industry relies heavily upon paper. Policies, claims, applications, customer communications, and more are at the core of day-to-day operations. Underwriters, in particular, utilize application documents, data, and statistics to assess risk and create suitable policies.

However, the number of paper documents and data can quickly overwhelm an in-house mailroom, taking time and employee labor away from core operations. Arkansas Mailing Services (AMS) offers complete custom mailing solutions for companies in numerous industries. Our team leverages over 140 years of combined experience to help streamline your printing and mailing processes.

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How We Can Help

Since our founding in 2004, we’ve expanded our offerings and services to meet customers’ ever-changing needs across the country. Insurance underwriters can take advantage of the following services and more to improve their workflows:

Statement Printing & Mailing

Statements, invoices, and premium notices are critical to the success of an insurance company. However, premium notice printing and mailing expenses can quickly accumulate when performed in-house. Aging technology, inefficiencies, and internal time spent are a few common pain points.

AMS leverages modern technology to accelerate your premium notice processing, printing, and mailing. Whether you receive partial or full-service processing services, you can trust our personalized approach. Businesses partnering with us for monthly statement printing and mailing save up to 20%, giving them the freedom to invest in their core services.

Print & Mail Outsourcing

Contrary to popular belief, paper correspondence is still a highly effective method of communication. The AMS print experts will help you design and create impactful messaging, ensuring brand recognition and accuracy through color and template matching. Once we print premium notices, company newsletters, applications, and other critical documents, we’ll prepare them for USPS delivery.

As mailing experts, we ensure the lowest postage rates for our customers. Print and mail outsourcing saves you money, as you no longer have to invest in maintaining technologies, employee labor, or significant energy costs. Instead, we’ll put our industry expertise to work, ensuring effective processing and accurate delivery with the utmost security.


Insurance companies serve customers across the country, meaning critical documents such as applications, premium notices, and other important information extend to nearly every city. Bulk mail zip code sorting can significantly improve efficiency by categorizing mail pieces by zip code before they arrive at the Post Office. As a result, businesses can save thousands of dollars in postage each year.

AMS works closely with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ensure timely delivery. Our couriers pick up your mail regularly and deliver it to our facility for presorting. We use computerized sorting systems to scan and track each mail piece for maximum postage savings. Your mail arrives at the USPS the same day.

Variable Print Services

Insurance underwriters often analyze multiple applications and risk assessments each day. As such, it’s essential for your company to efficiently customize templated acceptance letters, premium notices, and more for each customer. Variable print services make it possible.

Variable print allows you to craft a personalized approach to a generalized message. For instance, underwriters can send two customers the same policy letter but address each personally where needed. Provide the data, and we’ll merge, presort, print, and mail your items. It’s that easy!

Direct Mail & Bulk Mail

Direct mail campaigns are perfect for insurance companies looking to expand their customer base. Although we live in a digital age, there’s no denying that consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements, pop-ups, and emails online. Direct and bulk mailing allows you to create and send postcards, brochures, flyers, and more quickly.

AMS can help you form and manage mailing lists to target your ideal customers. We know the latest USPS regulations, such as mail piece size and weight, and how to garner the best postal rates. Further, we can implement Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMBs) onto each piece for superior tracking and efficiency. Whatever your goal or budget, AMS has you covered.

Mailing Equipment

Arkansas Mailing Services is an authorized dealer of Pitney Bowes mailing equipment. Our customized solutions allow you to utilize industry-best technology for in-house tasks while also benefiting from partial mailing services. We have the mailing equipment perfect for your needs, whether you’re seeking postage meters, folder inserters, or tabbing machines.

Streamline the Mailing Services for Insurance Underwriters Today

We understand the importance of printed and mailed documents for insurance companies. Many aspects of an underwriter’s daily tasks would lose efficiency if completed electronically. Arkansas Mailing Services provides full-service customized printing and mailing solutions, saving you time and money. Request a quote today to get started!

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Great company. We have used them multiple times for mail based advertising and bulk mailers to existing clients (Christmas cards, etc.) Staff is pleasant to deal with and very professional.

Rob C

I desperately needed AMS to fix our folding machines. They're commercial equipment, big, hard to find parts. Joe came in and fixed both machines and ordered parts for the third. We're back up and running and all of the stress is off. We occasionally get heavy paper that doesn't feed well into the machines but despite that, Joe tuned the machines to operate normally with this impossible batch. I'm grateful for their expertise.

Joel M.