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Paper is vital in maintaining healthcare records, especially in our digital era. Paper records provide an unmatched level of reliability, as they’re not susceptible to system crashes or data breaches that could put sensitive patient information at risk. They also offer convenience for quick review in critical situations where time is of the essence.

Our mailing services for healthcare ensure these crucial documents’ secure and efficient handling. Arkansas Mailing Services (AMS) specializes in providing superior mailing services to healthcare institutions, understanding the unique needs and regulatory nuances of handling healthcare materials.

Ensuring confidentiality and timely delivery, we are the trusted partner for numerous healthcare facilities across the region, skilled in handling a wide range of mailing needs. From patient communications to billing notices and medical reports, AMS guarantees your institution the highest level of service and security.

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How Our Services Help Healthcare Institutions

AMS is not just a mailing service provider; we are a partner committed to meeting healthcare institutions’ needs with our quality mailing services for healthcare.

Swift and Accurate Statement Processing

We apply top-notch software to automate the statement preparation process, which includes envelope stuffing and mailing. Our focus is ensuring the timely and precise delivery of patient statements and healthcare invoices, saving you valuable time and resources.

Comprehensive Printing and Mailing Solutions

Our direct mail mailing services for healthcare facilitate wide-scale communication with patients or potential clients and all your printing and mailing demands, from professional-looking billing statements and patient reminders to lab reports and insurance updates. Trust our cutting-edge printing and folding equipment for consistently high-quality outputs.

Tailored Variable Print Services

Our variable print services personalize each mail piece according to the specific information of the recipient. Whether custom statements or targeted health newsletters, we add a personal touch to your communications.

Effective Direct and Bulk Mailing

Our direct mail services facilitate wide-scale communication with patients or potential clients, perfect for health marketing campaigns or crucial announcements. Our bulk mail services enable high-volume mailings at a lower postage rate.

Economical Presorting Services

We offer presorting services that lead to significant savings on postage costs. We sort your mail by zip code before it reaches the post office, leading to quicker delivery times and minimized postage expenses.

Mailing Equipment

We offer a range of high-quality mailing equipment to streamline your mailroom operations. We have the tools to enhance your mailing process efficiency, from postage meters and envelope sealers to letter openers and sorters.

With AMS, you can expect high-quality, timely, and cost-effective mailing solutions for healthcare that cater to the industry’s specific needs. We have the tools to enhance your mailing process efficiency and streamline operations.

Prioritizing Security in Healthcare Mailing Services

At AMS, the security of your healthcare institution’s sensitive documents is our utmost responsibility. These documents often contain highly confidential patient information and require the strictest measures of protection.

We use strong security measures to remain HIPAA compliant, utilizing safe ways to send your documents and regular security checks to ensure your information stays secure and private while we handle your mail. Our security practices follow the healthcare industry’s rules and guidelines.

We also maintain strict access controls, ensuring only authorized personnel handle your mail. Our team members undergo thorough background checks and receive extensive training on regulatory compliance and ethical handling of sensitive information.

Get Started With Arkansas Mailing Services for Healthcare

AMS offers services that understand, meet, and exceed your mailing needs. Entrust your mail handling to us and experience the exceptional service that sets us apart.

Our focus is not limited to providing services but extends to developing a partnership that understands and caters to your unique mailing needs. Our team is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and security of your sensitive healthcare documents, given the importance of these factors in the healthcare sector.

Choose AMS for mailing services for healthcare and experience the exceptional partnership that sets us apart. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our wide array of service offerings and how we can support your healthcare institution’s mailing needs.

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Great company. We have used them multiple times for mail based advertising and bulk mailers to existing clients (Christmas cards, etc.) Staff is pleasant to deal with and very professional.

Rob C

I desperately needed AMS to fix our folding machines. They're commercial equipment, big, hard to find parts. Joe came in and fixed both machines and ordered parts for the third. We're back up and running and all of the stress is off. We occasionally get heavy paper that doesn't feed well into the machines but despite that, Joe tuned the machines to operate normally with this impossible batch. I'm grateful for their expertise.

Joel M.