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The Advantages of Variable Print

By May 4, 2022May 2nd, 2023No Comments

What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable print allows companies of all sizes to digitally personalize their direct mail campaign pieces. Based on a file format such as an existing spreadsheet, variable printing customizes the headlines, text, or images of each mail piece through digital software. Direct mail recipients experience a personal touch from variable printing that few other marketing campaigns can achieve. Whether you wish to alter the recipient’s name, marital status, or even font type and color, variable print makes it easy.

How Variable Print Works

Fueled by data, the process of variable print uses a variety of elements to institute a set of rules for each mail piece. The printer is therefore instructed on when and how to modify certain elements. For example, if you wish to A/B test your direct mail campaign, you can inform the printer through your spreadsheet and software to include messages for different groups. Variable print gives you the freedom to personalize your campaigns specific to the recipient.

Benefits of Variable Information Printing

You don’t have to be a large company to reap the benefits of variable data printing. Notable benefits include:

Short Prep and Fast Turnaround

Variable printing can affordably boost your marketing campaigns, as the information is stored digitally. Computers and digital printers are flexible, allowing you to effortlessly change elements without downtime. As a result, not only do you receive printed mail pieces faster than traditional methods, but the process of having to manually switch premade plates is removed.

Further, order minimums are no longer necessary. Prep time is the same, whether you wish to print 500 or 5,000 pieces of mail. Its digital nature makes variable print faster, simpler, and more affordable than traditional offset printing.


The personalization capabilities variable printing offers allows you to create more engaging mail pieces that attract your target audience. Your customers are constantly bombarded with advertisements online, and small details such as the correct name and address on a physical piece of mail can make all the difference.

When individuals are seen and valued, they’re more likely to not only remember your brand, but also take action. Demographic information such as age, income, and gender grants you the freedom to design the perfect message for each customer or prospect. Whether you choose a postcard, flyer, or envelope, physical mail containing custom variable print messaging stands out from the noise.

Tracking Capabilities

Variable printed mail offers better tracking capabilities when compared to traditionally printed items. With variable print, you can choose between bar codes, QR codes, or other unique identifiers that direct recipients to online landing pages. The open rates, responses, and forms of action can be easily tracked and contributed to a boosted return on investment (ROI). Simply input your identifier into the spreadsheet along with the other custom items of information, and the printer will do the rest.

Fonts, Colors, and Images

Not only can you customize your messaging with variable print, but you can also promote brand identity with company fonts and colors, catching more attention. Plus, you can easily change the font and color for each piece to further target particular demographics. Color printing can also be used to include custom imagery and even maps that direct recipients to your storefront. The options are near endless with variable information printing.

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